The daily log of Josh Kalapos for Saturday, July 13, 2019

Run to Google


: 10.88 Mile(s) : 01:19:09 : 00:07:16.48 /mile : Adidas Boston (Su19) : 0.0

Daily Note

I forgot my running clothes in the laundry at work so to retrieve my clothes I ran to google. Going up to SF from the Sunnyvale Caltrain station so this worked out with no return trip. The run sometimes felt awkward because I had a mini backpack with a change of real clothes slung on my front. Miles 8-10 had a lot of stoplights but the rest was a pretty casual run. --- This run was followed up by a three mile sprint to the Sunnyvale Caltrain station featuring me carry my laundry in a sling on my chest. My clothes had not been put in the dryer so they were soaking wet and heavy and I must have looked like a madman running through SVL like that.