The daily log of Josh Kalapos for Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Hide and Seek


: 13.91 Mile(s) : 01:53:13 : 00:08:08.35 /mile : Adidas Boston (Su19) : 0.0


: 7.40 Mile(s) : 00:34:35 : 12.84 mph

Daily Note

Pace slowed down a lot because it was about as dark as it could get in Rancho after we reached the upmost poles. Uphill was about a continuous 2,400 ft climb to the top so it was nice to look down at the valley from up there. Biggest issue of the downhill was that it was way too steep to run quickly down, especially in the dark with only one headlamp spread among the three of us (Naren, Will, me). Close encounter with a park ranger at the exit, but he was staring at his phone in his cart while we quietly jogged by.