The daily log of jordanjuran for Sunday, June 02, 2019

long run + myrtle

Daily Note

long run @ Waterton - Brought my mom with me again :)

saw a ton of bikers and 5 donkeys which was very was also a bit toasty out when I ran which was sad but the clouds came in for the last few miles which was a big blessing. felt ok

b: ft drills, leg swings
a: stretch and roll, vitamins and protein, myrtle


  • Allison Hill  (6/5/2019 7:20:55 AM) 


  • Amanda Gerlach  (6/2/2019 7:10:56 PM) 

    Donkeys are so cute!

  • Bri Ratliff  (6/2/2019 3:39:48 PM) 

    5 donkeys...that's interesting

  • jordanjuran  (6/2/2019 7:44:55 PM) 

    @bri @Amanda I found out why the donkeys were out! there's a burrow race called "get your ass over the pass" race in FairPlay that people were training for. the more you know

  • Laura Taylor  (6/3/2019 8:32:53 AM) 

    That is a fantastic sounding race