The daily log of Sarah Hevener for Friday, February 22, 2019



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Daily Note

No twerking on the track, JARED. 2 up, 7x 800 @ cruise, 6x 200-200 @ rep. Cruise 800s felt awesome & this pre-wrap is really doing the trick. Feeling a lil more springy. Tried to keep them on pace but kept ending up around 2:56-57, thought my shoe coming untied during the 3rd rep would keep me in-check, but only by like a second. If this is the autopilot pace though, I'll take it! :) Last couple 8s were :55. 200s are always gonna feel tough, but kept em on pace (36-37). Today was fun! Kind of tunnel-visioned during the cool down bc boy my hands were COLD. Worked out some knots with the softball and bb stretch afterwards.