The daily log of Sarah Hevener for Friday, February 01, 2019

Dame más gasolina


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Daily Note

Easy two mile warmup, lil bit o' dynams but not the full thing cause there were lots of people and little time. Eased into the tempo for a minute to work up to the pace to make sure the hammy would be okay. It held up aiight (bless) but felt extremely crappy today. Was on pace but the legs were just very heavy and cadence generally felt off, also had lots of trouble breathing. Been phlemy and coughing a lot these last couple of days but in more of an asthmatic way rather than a sick way if that makes sense? I know my allergy shot dosing/schedule was set back a bit because of shipping delays with the vials... not sure if it's that or having been training exclusively indoors these last couple of weeks while trying to heal the hammy. Gonna give my pulmonologist dude a call if this whole feeling gassed during otherwise doable runs thing persists, just in case the inhalers and antihistamines aren't doin it for me anymore. Quick 2.25 mile cd + some stretching, then hoofed it to get ready for the Trustee thing-a-ma-jig and bball game. WE BEAT WABASH OKURR.