The daily log of Frank Livolsi for Saturday, August 03, 2019

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Daily Note

Ran 6 at a good pace
Ran pondhouse loop and added on a campus loop
Hot outside
Hydrated well
Core & Shoulders
My stomach didn't feel too well going into the run, I thought I had taken care of my bathroom issues. Fortunately Dylan saw me struggling and offered me a ride back to widener where I took care of my business. I got another 2 miles in but my stomach just continued to feel like shit, so I just decided to cut it. It's a down week anyways, I don't care if I get all the mileage in, just as long as I'm getting in what needs to be done.
Stretched out for just over 4.5 mins and then rolled out for just over 3 mins. Stomach issues kept bugging me and I was exhausted stretching after which is why the time was so short. I just got the minimum in and went to the bathroom.