The daily log of Frank Livolsi for Wednesday, July 31, 2019



: 10.00 Mile(s) : 00:00:00 : : : 0.0

Daily Note

3.5-mile warmup (3.5 miles)
3XMile w/ 1:00 rest (6.5 miles)
5:31, 5:32, 5:30
3.5-mile cooldown (10 miles)
Ran to cunningham fields to do the miles
Hot outside
Hydrated well
6 striders
Core & Shoulders
Stretched for just under 11 mins, I didnt have anyone to PNF me so I just did the same stretches but for longer, and then rolled out for just under 3.5 mins after the run.
As I started the run, I could feel the water slushing around in my stomach, I was hydrating before the run. Once I got to cunningham fields I still felt it in my stomach, and when doing striders I just didn't notice that spring in my step. Despite that I decided that I'd go on with the miles, it was only July 31st and there is no reason for me to make this workout a punch in the gut. It was only supposed to be something to get me back into the rhythm of working out weekly. Coach told me to keep them at threshold pace, which is what I aimed for. However, at the start there was a nice breeze with a cloudy overcast and throughout the warmup there were slight drizzles of rain, so the impact that the heat could have didn't cross my mind when I was gauging the pace. For the first mile, I didn't even notice the heat as the suns rays pierced through the clouds. But on the second mile, as the suns heat became stronger and as the humidity increased due to the evaporating rain water, I started to notice the impact it was having. For the third mile, I felt completely exposed to the suns heat, and with my sweat staying on my body, the cooling effect was negligible. And I hate to admit it, but for the last 400 of that mile, I found myself digging to maintain the pace. Overall, I'm happy with the workout. More so, I'm happy that I'm back in the rhythm of getting in a weekly effort. Now it's time to focus on making these efforts worth it by getting the proper recovery.


  • Ernie Pitone  (8/1/2019 12:43:26 PM) 

    Be careful no need to do too much to soon. Fight the urge to prove your fitness in July/August. It will pay off trust me.