The daily log of Frank Livolsi for Tuesday, July 30, 2019

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Daily Note

Ran 2 at a good pace
Ran rosewood-holly loop
Hot outside
Hydrated well
Ran 8 at a good pace
Ran at VG with the La Salle boys and steve
Hot outside
Hydrated well
Core & Shoulders
Went for a walk when I got home to warm up my legs before I stretched. Stretched for just over 11 mins and then rolled out for 3 mins.
It was my first time there in a while, I only recognized GBi. As the run began, Steve and I fell into the trap that these guys always set, the hammer. The pace started out nice and slow, but by the 2 mile marker we were already hitting 6:30s, that's when some of the guys looked back at steve and I and smirked, one of them even asked if the "two old guys" were having trouble keeping up. As much as I wanted to hammer those next 6 miles, I decided that I'd just sit back and enjoy the run. Eventually I started running with this one delco kid, AJ Frank. He kept talking about how he felt like he was out of shape, how he felt like he was going too slow, we were still hitting 7:15s. I told him the same thing that Coach has been telling me for the past three years, you don't need to hammer every day, especially in the summer, yield to your body. Later in the run, GBi had them do a fartlek for a mile, so I ran it with him, it felt like nothing more than just a light strider, so I didn't over do it. It was nice to hear myself saying that stuff for once, I think I never said that to myself in the past because I didn't understand why it was right, but after seeing what happened this last indoor when I took and understood this advice, I now have a better understanding of it, and some reassurance that I'm on a right path.
They also got some new recruits too, both their parents ran for North Central and won a national title back in the day. It seemed like that was the only thing their parents talked about when they came to pick up their kids. At first I thought it was annoying, but as I was doing my stretches and core and after giving it some thought, I concluded that it was annoying. But it's also something that I want. Someday I want to be able to reminisce on the time I won a national title, that's the endgame. I'm not their yet, far from it, but I can get there soon if I keep being patient.


  • vptouey  (7/30/2019 7:34:53 PM) 

    Awesome post. Ernie will be proud. I look forward to November. 4 months till nationals.

  • Ernie Pitone  (7/31/2019 9:50:54 AM) 

    Very proud of your maturity. Sometimes we learn more from our mistakes and failures more than our successes. Keep accumulated the miles on the legs make that snowball into an avalanche. You’ll reap the benefits in November if you stay patient and on task.

  • Pat Carolan  (7/30/2019 7:33:22 PM) 

    This was a good read.