The daily log of Frank Livolsi for Saturday, January 26, 2019

Mile and Thresh


: 16.00 Mile(s) : 00:00:00 : : : 0.0

Daily Note

Ran at a good pace
2.5-mile warmup (2.5 miles)
Mile in 4:21.43 (3.5 miles)
1.5-mile intermediate (5 miles)
4-mile thresh in 23:00, 5:45 pace at Haverford (9 miles)
Mile 1 - 5:45,
Mile 2 - 5:45,
Mile 3 - 5:44, and
Mile 4 - 5:44.
7-mile cooldown (16 miles)
Hot outside
Hydrated well
Pre-run drills
4 striders
Going into the race I was worried about my stomach issues. I had some before the race but I guess I got it all out of me. Coach and I agreed to go out in 2:10 and close from there, so I went out in the back of the pack since there was a pacer for 2:06. I packed up with the Haverford guys and decided to just sit there and we came through in 2:11. The next part of the race I think is what I need to work on. We slowed down and settled into high-33s, which felt almost too relaxed for me. I have to stop thinking of the mile as a distance race and think of it more like an 800. After thinking about it, I probably could've given a little more in the first half of that race without it drastically impacting the time I'd run the second half of it in.
After a little rest, I decided to do my thresh on Haverford's course. During the warmup it didn't seem too bad, but once I started I soon realized that the ice had melted and formed a shallow layer of mud on the surface. The wind did not help either. Going up the hill, making turns, even just running through some places became challenging as I had to be careful not to slip and fall. However, this forced me to fall into a slower, calmer pace. One that still requires me to dig, but also slow enough for me to not do too much damage to my muscles. I also decided that since I have off tomorrow that I would make today my long run so I did a long cooldown to hit 16 on the day.