The daily log of Frank Livolsi for Saturday, January 19, 2019

2k and Thresh


: 12.00 Mile(s) : 00:00:00 : : : 0.0

Daily Note

Ran at a good pace
3-mile warmup (3 miles)
2k at 3k pace (4 miles)
800 in 2:16
1600 in 4:31
2k in 5:34 (spike came untied for the last 400 and fell off with 100 to go)
1-mile intermediate (5 miles)
4-mile thresh in 21:20, 5:19 pace on TTC (9 miles)
Mile 1 - 5:28.6,
Mile 2 - 5:22.5,
Mile 3 - 5:19.6, and
Mile 4 - 5:09.9.
3-mile cooldown (12 miles)
Hot outside
Hydrated well
Pre-run drills
4 striders and a warmup 200
It was awesome to see all the guys down at the track getting their races or workouts in. Instead of just making it a regular saturday, we all decided to try and make as much of a track meet out of it as we could. That's the spirit that will bring us success throughout these next few months, and the right building blocks for the culture of our team, which will bring us success throughout these next few years, and hopefully further.
The goal was to be a target for Nate for the mile and hopefully bring him through in 4:28, Joey was kind enough to take over for the first 1000 and pace us.
The thresh felt smooth after the first quarter mile, I found a groove and just focused on maintaining the effort throughout the thresh.
Overall I feel upset about today, I don't think it had anything to do with how I did in the 2k or threshold because I felt good after those. I think it stems from the bullshit that we weren't able to compete. All throughout the week I was getting myself psyched up, preparing myself mentally to go to Ursinus and kick everyones' ass in the mile. Especially after this past cross country season I really wanted to race again. I wanted some competition to see what I can do, to see what all the workouts and thresholds have prepared me to do so far.
After some time thinking about it, there seems to be something that always rings in the back of my mind at times like this: "BODY BLOW". I think today was a body blow, whether we thought of it that way or not. And seeing how this team has handled body blows in the past, I have no doubt that we can get over this and take away something meaningful from this work we did this weekend.