The daily log of Emily Forner for Monday, May 06, 2019

cooper :(


: 2.00 Mile(s) : 00:14:33 : 00:07:16.5 /mile : Saucony Liberty (White) : 0.0


: 8.20 Mile(s) : 01:02:28 : 00:07:37.07 /mile : NB 860s (off-red) : 0.0

Daily Note

AM: lift plus 2miles through the neighborhoods to get a shakeout in the legs, good stretch sesh after.
PM: An absolutely beautiful day, so took advantage by going kinda far with a Dick-Ryan route finishing through the trails accompanied by the one and only Sarah Hevener. Saw a few little goslings, smol doggos, and went on the lookout for a lost 6mo old goldendoodle named Cooper. Didn't find cooper unfortunately :(, but had a really good quality run. Hips and legs feeling a little sore from the weekend, but honestly not as bad as I thought I'd feel. Did 10 more mins of core, 4xstrides on the new turf lacrosse field and got a decent roll/stretch in.