The daily log of Emily Forner for Saturday, May 04, 2019

last one...


: 12.00 Mile(s) : 00:00:00 : : NB 860s (lite blue) : 0.0

Daily Note

1mi shakeout, 2up, 1500 race, 2.5 up/down, 5k race, 2.5 down. Last one, best one. Hard to believe this was my last conference meet ever. like ever...didn't let myself get too sentimental in the moment, but now that I'm backlogging, its a little emotional to think that its the end of an era in my life. Most of the day I was sore and trying to get my back to crack, so felt a little uncomfortable and wasn't sure how good the racing would feel. But knew I wanted to give a good effort for the team, so made sure to stretch as well as possible and focus on winning the races. 1500 the plan was to try to really race and hit the school record time, came through the 400 at 72, right on pace, but slowed in the middle, so the time ended up at 4:37 - still good for 1st though, and I had the joy of turning around at the finish to see miss Molly Tarvin securing the 2nd place for the gators and a shiny new PR! 5mins of leg draining and then essentially a continuous cool down and warm up before the 5k. Felt a little nervous for the 15, but the 5k was all excitement! The race went out slow, and got boxed in for the first 400 somewhere near the middle of the pack. Didn't really want to lead the race, but also had a little bit of doubt about whether I could outsprint someone at the end considering the lactic I could actively feel building in my legs, so decided to get a quick surge in to put some distance between myself and the field. Settled in and ended up finishing at 17:41. A really good workout. Very happy to also see the strong and powerful Mica Hanish saying f-u to injury and finishing 3rd squeaking under the 18min mark! A solid day for the lady gators all around. A very very nice note to end a trying, roller coaster ride of an incredible 4 years in the gator uni. I'm not crying, you're crying...