The daily log of Emily Forner for Friday, February 01, 2019



: 5.00 Mile(s) : 00:36:00 : 00:07:12 /mile : NB 860s (off-red) : 0.0


: 5.00 Mile(s) : 00:30:00 : 00:06:00 /mile : Saucony Fastwitch : 0.0

Daily Note

Really wanted to go outside for the run today, but also wanted to have a good tempo, so opted for the treadmill yet again...didn't enjoy being on it, but the workout went well, so glad I did. 2 up, switched shoes, then another .5 to ease into things. 30min tempo at 6min pace. Counted down the minutes cause I was bored out of my mind, but otherwise felt pretty strong! ankle didn't bother me at all, though I can tell I still favor that side a little. switched back to the NBs for 2.5 cooldown. some minimal stretching and 15min contrast bath after, then headed to the trustee reception before watching the basketball game. Met some cool people and actually enjoyed seeing the game!