The daily log of Emily Forner for Thursday, January 31, 2019



: 9.00 Mile(s) : 01:05:40 : 00:07:17.77 /mile : NB 860s (off-red) : 0.0

Daily Note

AM: lift at wise after my internship this morning. 22.5s for the snatches cause someone was using the 25s, 10s for front and lat raises, 10s each side for squats. did some extra calf raises and hamstring curls cause I know I need them.
PM: 8.25 on the treadmill, before it forced me to cool down, then another .75 on the indoor track. 4x200 strides and 10mins core after. Tired of treadmill running, but feeling fit and really loved Art and his antics!