The daily log of Elaina Clancy for Wednesday, March 31, 2021

morning pt + afternoon mat


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Daily Note

good old ACFT test today. They changed the standards, and now one of the events has a "max" of a 4:30 second plank. MSG Long said "if you can plank for four minutes and thirty seconds, I'll buy you a beer." Henceforth, I took this as a challenge and planked for 11 minutes because I wanted two beers-- after the season is over in May, obviously. I had to stop at 11 because I was holding everybody up, sadly. (although admittedly I really do not think
I am capable of consuming that many). I am feeling really wonderful now that I have started taking iron, my cognitive functioning already appears to have improved and I have been more productive in one day than I have been in an entire semester wth