The daily log of ekadrofske for Sunday, May 05, 2019

Winding Up With Spring


: 8.40 Mile(s) : 00:55:16 : 00:06:34.76 /mile : Brooks Pure Flow 7 #6 : 0.0

Daily Note

Ran from Porter @4:15pm when the weather was 65 degrees, 9 mph winds, and partly sunny. I could tell I wanted this recovery run to be a quicker one today, so kinda wanted this to be a solo effort. Additionally, productivity in the lib was high starting around 2:45, so I wanted to keep that going. Simply meant a later run, but this was no big deal since I didn't have much on the docket for today's practice. Went out to NW Roads by Cedar Ave and the Natty Lands and returned using Summerfield. Got into a very good rhythm as the cadence was even. This allowed me to zone out and just cruise along as the miles clipped by. The journey out was a little windy as the winds were from the NW, but the return trip had them at my back, contributing somewhat to a quicker pace. Although the 6:29ppm for the final 7.4 miles is quicker than normal, I actually felt very comfortable, especially cardio wise today. Incredibly smooth and things were never stressed. Felt like a recovery effort. Honestly nice to allow the legs to move a bit quicker and at the pace they wanted. Right bicep was oddly sore today, (probably thanks to Thursday, Friday, and Saturday's lawn games...springtime baby!), but didn't notice much in run. Per usual with a Sunday on NW Roads there were hardly any cars. Glad this was the case because whenever a car did come by, the air got quite dusty. Afterwards was calf raises, toe tappers, ankle mobility, rolling, & the Elliot Core Routine. Core slightly more difficult than normal today, even though I felt more energetic. PF7s @ 475 miles.