The daily log of ekadrofske for Friday, May 03, 2019

Slow Grinder, Faster Grind


: 12.40 Mile(s) : 01:24:28 : 00:06:48.70 /mile : NB Hanzo : 0.0

Daily Note

The Beaches were Open! Ran from Porter @3:30pm when the weather was 60 degrees, 11 mph winds, and mostly sunny. Grinder day was in full force today, but still had to get a workout in, so slow and meme-filled warm-up it was. Plumb also needed to get to science honors day by 5:30, so this short 2.6 miles in 21:25 (yes...that's 8:15ppm) was all the WU consisted of. Felt terrible on this, though to be honest I have never felt good on the grinder route all three years. Legs tired and felt flat. Might have had something to do with the race still being in my legs (only about 45 hours from then 'til now). Got in an active with the flats and then started up around 4:10pm. Pretty much the same thing as last Friday, but actually had some guys to do it with: Crispy, Turtle, and Plumb! Always makes things easier and more enjoyable. Some other slight deviations were longer rest on the Ks, two two-hundos instead of four, and cutting down the pacing. Regarding this last one, we took it down more than I expected going into this thing. Turtle was rearing to go. Honestly didn't have a problem with it...always a fun challenge! Gonna want to make sure I stick to 5K goal pace next week with conference in mind, but considering true goal race (in terms of time) is still 13 days away, getting in a slightly harder effort now is probably good.
2x1000m (600m jog): 2:59, 3:00
2x800m (400m jog): 2:24, 2:23
2x600m (400m jog): 1:46, 1:44
2x400m (200m jog): 67.5, 67.7
2x200m (200m jog): 31.3, 30.1
Paced the first 800 more unevenly than I would've liked. Had to move pretty fast the final 300 to make sure the time was hit. Really happy with the 1:44 six-hundo I paced. It felt smooth. Turtle was a big help in making sure we hit the cut down times he had in mind...very even pacing. Just rode the train behind him and Crispy. Really tried to focus on staying relaxed and natural during this. A bit clunky on the Ks but eventually settled in. Never going into lactic helped with this and was a big bonus. Fun to fly on those final two hundreds. Was kinda hoping to dip below 30 with quick turnover, but didn't quite have it. is a workout after all and not a race. Gotta remember to remain prudent. Overall WO was 5.9 miles in 34:48. Cool down headed out into the surprisingly muddy and windy natty lands. Just Crispy and I out ToT before he broke off to meet with Colton in Skog. I finished by cutting across Lashbrook and back to the track. A little bit heavier on the miles, but still a week out from conference, so I'm not too worried. Good conversation with Crispy about cross next year made for an enjoyable CD. Ended up being 3.9 miles in 28:15. Afterwards, did toe tappers, R8 rolling, stretching, 20x core circuit, and 20 squats. Cut a little short since Justin's car was heading to Carleton at six to watch the dec guys finish out a great two days of competition. PF7s @ 458.7 miles and Hanzos @ 34.4 miles.