The daily log of ekadrofske for Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Phil's Old Stomping Grounds


: 9.00 Mile(s) : 00:57:47 : 00:06:25.22 /mile : Brooks Pure Flow 7 #6 : 0.0

Daily Note

Real chill meet made for a fun Wednesday with Phil, Nobs, Crispy, Plumb, and Turtle. Watched Nobs run a smokin' 3:51.7, then headed out for our WU at 5:40pm. Weather was 48 degrees, 6 mph winds, and cloudy. Hit up this nice bike path that took us through the northern part of Minnesota's campus. The stark contrast between the U's atmosphere and Olaf's is shocking. Also of note is the odd placement of MN's track in the middle of a train yard...not the most aesthetically pleasing thing. Though that being said, this new track of theirs is real nice. Bouncy with some cool yellow curbing. Warm up was 3.3 miles in 23:38. Legs and cardio were both in a good spot and I was cruising along smoothly by the end. Timed things well with the active and got in four strides. Had to pee a little more than I would've liked before the race, but this quickly exited my mind once the gun went off at 6:30. Very bad first 300 as I didn't start aggressively enough and found myself in around twelfth place, buried along the inside rail. Eventually got out of there though and latched onto Plumb and this St. Mary's bub. After he slowed the pace down way to much, I went to the front of the chase pack which had lost shocking ground on the lead pack of four only 800 meters into the race. Throughout this race I would briefly consider trying to reel in the lead pack, but the gap made during this first K was simply too great to make up. By 1K it pretty much became a pacing game. Get that conference qualifier was the mantra that kept running through my head. Tried to stay controlled and relaxed while clipping off some relatively even splits with Plumb sticking right on me. Nice knowing he was there the whole race and that I was able to help him get a PR. K splits were: 3:05.2, 3:05.3, 3:07.7, 3:09.5, 3:05.9. With an official time of 15:33.81. Obviously not a good time, but when I consider tonight's goals, I'm really pleased with this effort. Probably closer to a hard tempo if I'm being honest. I distinctly remember crossing the finish line and immediately talking to Turtle. This race felt so much easier than Carleton's 16:01 which shows progress is being made. I feel this progress on pretty much every one of my daily runs, but there's still much more ground to be made on this taper...The legs still were decently tired and flat in the race, but the cardio was pretty solid. It was nice having everything be relatively low key, so that I wasn't stressed and actually kinda looking forward to the effort ahead. So all in all, a satisfactory performance. Cool down was a nice one going the opposite direction on the bike path that gave us a nice view of downtown Minneapolis. Always enjoy a change of scenery. Felt smooth on this bad boy and good talking with the boys afterwards. Funny how everyone gets more talkative after finishing up their races. Ended up being 2.6 miles in 18:35. Just did some standing stretches to close out the day at the U's track before getting treated by Phil to a nice dinner at Longfellow Grill. Made for a great end to the day! PF7s @ 442.9 miles.