The daily log of ekadrofske for Sunday, April 28, 2019

Up & Over


: 8.00 Mile(s) : 00:55:55 : 00:06:59.37 /mile : Brooks Pure Flow 7 #6 : 0.0

Daily Note

Ran from Porter @3:35pm when the weather was 49 degrees, 14 mph winds, and cloudy. Unfortunately, I showed up at the last minute after having to fill out and turn something in before getting down to practice. This meant today was solo for the most part. The exception was coming back up Ole Ave. with Meatball and Jackson after meeting them while waiting for the Hwy 3's Mr. Walkman. Rest of the run consisted of heading to the Lower Arb to run on some of the rarer trails. Couldn't enter at the normal spot due to some caution tape (RIP bridge). After that I hit up the middle prairie portion. Going out there was a putrid manure smell that thankfully was not present on the return trip. Coming back near the bridge underpass passed by Reuben who was being tracked down by Mueller. Per usual he said some sort of elaborate hello that I only understood half of...I answered with a simple "sup Lucas'. Oh well...Finished at Skog. Today's effort felt good. I was much lighter on my feet which helped me get into a good rhythm. I knew I was going a little quicker than normal, but it felt totally comfortable and easier/more natural than yesterday. Was able to move up the hills well. Afterwards, did 4x100m strides. Doing them in trainers had my feet feeling like bricks, but otherwise they were decent. Cardio a little more strained than I would've liked. Then came calf raises, toe tappers, rolling (thanks Crete), stretching, upper body lifting, and R8 rolling back in Porter. Really focused on taking time with my rolling and stretching today...think I've been rushing this as of late and not getting the full benefit. The lift was mediocre. Hip flexors were especially tired on the ab coaster and shoulder press was lackluster. Chest press, pullovers, lat pulldown, shoulder press, tri pulldown, dumbbell curls, ab coaster, torso rotation, flies, delts, row, & tricep press. Only ended up doing two workouts this week, but that's totally fine. Name of the game is getting my feet back under me and restoring my confidence and I think the week accomplished that. Will continue the taper next week and look to have a good race Wednesday at the U. Tune-up WO for that coming tomorrow. PF7s @ 422.6 miles.