The daily log of ekadrofske for Friday, April 26, 2019

Ride 'Til I Can't No More


: 12.40 Mile(s) : 01:20:38 : 00:06:30.16 /mile : NB Hanzo : 0.0

Daily Note

Another solo workout in store for today. Laid on the mats for a little while with the boys and left Porter around 3:35pm. Did an extended burner for my 3.3 mile warm-up in 23:24. My shoes feel like they've started to go a little flat. Only noticed the first mile though, so we'll see. This first mile also didn't feel stellar, but eventually got into a good rhythm and the legs and cardio were actually in a good spot by the end. Throughout the day my nose has been runny and the cardio oddly occurred to me that this might be spring allergies. I use to have serious issues with this as a youngin' but the symptoms have decreased in the last couple of years (knock on wood). Got in an active after putting on my Hanzo flats (loving these things more and more). Women were finishing out their WOs and the football team came out just as I was starting up. Thankfully they opted for their classic rock playlist today and not the rap. Actually kinda enjoyed listening to this during the bouts. The absolute banger of 'Old Town Road' was the set opener just as I was cranking out my first K. (Yes I realize this isn't classic rock). Real good way to start. I was able to control my pacing very well today and shift gears whenever necessary. I had to finish the last 200 of a couple reps just a tad under the normal pace, but so it goes. The fact I was able to respond is what matters. Cardio, although weird throughout the day, was fine in workout...something I'm very thankful for. Additionally the tibial tendon is greatly improved! Phil and I cooked up today's effort through email and it turned out to be a great one:
2x1000m (400m jog): 2:59, 3:00
2x800m (400m jog): 2:24, 2:25
2x600m (400m jog): 1:48, 1:47
2x400m (200m jog): 70.4, 69.7
4x200m (200m jog): 31.7, 32.4, 32.4, 31.7
Hit around 1:55 for those 400 jogs and 1:00 for the two hundreds. I was finally to run the pace I wanted to for these longer reps while feeling comfortable doing it. Starting to feel like myself again after two good workouts this week. It was fun cutting the pace down for the 400s and especially 200s. Focused on shortening the stride and staying relaxed. Envisioned finishing out conference races to push through. This is something I commonly did in high school, but have really strayed away from in college. Don't know why. Need to do this more as I always find it to be a good source of motivation. All in all, I'm excited to see how I can respond next week, now that my confidence is partially back. Odd thing to note, but think it should be mentioned: decent amount of blood was mixed in with my spit after was almost entirely blood. Don't know what the hell was up with that. Thankfully was gone by the time CD was over. Speaking of the cool down, it involved greenvale out to DQ (a little dilly bar preview dare I say?) before coming back to campus. My upper hammies and lower glutes were incredibly tight, I think from the fast 200s. Made sure to R8 roll for this reason. Also did calf raises, stretching, the Elliot Core Routine, balancing, and 20 squats. The core was tougher today. Solid piece of work on the entire day. PF7s @ 405.6 miles and Hanzos @ 25.8 miles.