The daily log of ekadrofske for Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Understanding the Motto


: 10.00 Mile(s) : 01:11:35 : 00:07:09.5 /mile : Brooks Pure Flow 7 #6 : 0.0

Daily Note

Ran from Porter @3:30pm when the weather was 68 degrees, mostly sunny, and 14 mph winds. Was talking to Phil about the plan for racing (gonna be next Wednesday up at the U) so left just a tad later than everyone else. This meant I trailed a large group of boys heading down Ole Ave. Timed things perfectly though since I caught up with them at the Hwy 3 cross point and didn't have to stop at all. The group splintered a good amount. Some guys entered the Lower Arb at the bridge, others were doing cross campus...I wasn't really feeling either (after doing cross campus three consecutive days last week). So Birdo, Jackson and I entered the Lower Arb higher up and worked our way through on some less traveled trails to Maple House. The other two turned at 3.6, so it became a solo run from that point forth. Pretty much did Maple House, but returned on Sharb since flooding is still an issue on Iron Bridge. Additionally, I added on by going north on Canada...something that's always intrigued me. Saw cows for the first time ever in Northfield! Finally can make sense of "Colleges, Cows, and Contentment". This road looked like it went on for a while and was relatively flat...potential spot to explore next year when the miles are higher. In terms of feel, the legs certainly noticed yesterday's workout. They were tired and flat from the new stimulus. This meant that I never really got in a rhythm, but I was still able to zone out on my return trip through the Arb, which had things made things go by pretty quickly. Through the Arb, I did notice the odd feeling I sometimes get when the legs have previously been feeling tired in a run. Sometimes that tightness becomes an odd mechanical feel where they actually start to feel kinda strong, and make attacking hills and terrain pretty fun. The tibial tendon wasn't noticed much while walking around, and I only felt a slight twinge of pain once on today's run. Don't know why this is suddenly starting to improve, but I'm not complaining! Cardio is still feeling restricted, which is frustrating, but I guess it was slightly better than yesterday? Was already planning on not doing MAC twilight, but today's run confirmed this. Although good recovery on softer surfaces, I don't think I'd be ready to go tomorrow, nor confident. Next workout is Friday. Afterwards, did calf raises, toe tappers, R8 rolled, stretched, MYRTL x 15, 50 push-ups, 20x core circuit, and 20 squats. PF7s @ 389.3 miles.