The daily log of ekadrofske for Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Finally...A Fun One


: 11.60 Mile(s) : 01:16:41 : 00:06:36.63 /mile : NB Hanzo : 0.0

Daily Note

Weather was 64 degrees, 4 mph winds, and sunny. One of the nicest days of the year! Another late lab Tuesday had me leaving late and solo from Porter at 4:50pm. Felt very poor on reverse burner (plus a return down second street) as my cardio was quite restricted and the legs were exhausted. This did not have me looking forward to the upcoming effort as I was nearly positive another day of frustration was in store for me. Thankfully, this wasn't the case. Got in a shorter active since I knew Phil and Bretscher were probably antsy to get home, plus I wanted to be as efficient as possible so as to get to dinner by 7:30 (more to come on that later). As I mentioned in yesterday's saga of a log, the coaches and I decided that I needed a different kind of stimulus. So, I looked through some 1500m workouts from earlier in the season and 6 x broken K (400 jog rest) looked like a solid option. The broken Ks were 200 on, 200 off, 200 on, 200 off, 200 on.
30.1, 32.8, 32.2
32.9, 32.2, 32.7
32.7, 32.2, 31.8
32.7, 32.5, 31.9
32.5, 32.3, 32.3
31.8, 32.8, 31.3
Tried to work the rests a bit faster than normal and averaged 56 seconds on the 200s and 1:52 on the 400s (nice and consistent). This ended up being an enjoyable workout. I loved the challenge of trying to go faster, while still staying within myself and hitting the paces right on. Phil and Bretscher were out there, watching me like a hawk and timing each rep. I really appreciated this. First one was obviously way too fast...I overcompensated for not having started a WO with a fast rep in quite some time. My legs felt real sturdy during this thing as the had good cadence and my foot placement was perfect throughout. Some tiredness and during the last K and a half, but nothing lactic which surprised me. Cardio was always in a pretty solid place, even if it still is feeling a bit restricted. Really liked the switch up that today provided. It was a much needed morale booster. Cooled down 3.5 miles around the northern suburbs. Thought the route was perfectly planned out for 3ish, but ended up being slightly long...oops. Pretty quick turnaround from the WO to this thing, (only about six minutes), but was feeling good only about a minute or two into things and simply enjoyed the beautiful weather. Felt good, though the legs a bit tight near the end. After the cool down was rolling, toe tappers, and the Elliot Core Routine, which went well today, though 90/90s were a bit tough. Finished core at 7:05 which already had me a little pressed for the caf. However, when I tried to get in the lower Porter doors, they were locked...thankfully the upper ones were open. After getting inside however, the locker room was locked! I'm an idiot and haven't memorized the code, plus even though I had my phone with me, it had unexpectedly died while out on the field doing post-run stuff. This left me in a pickle, but thankfully some football coaches were upstairs, (they didn't know the passcode) but they let me use their computer to access my email. Well, things got more complicated from here when two-step verification duped me and I couldn't access my email for the passcode. The final step was going onto another email account, emailing the BigO and having Mike Finn come through big time with a 7:15 email that got me in and up to dinner in the nick of time...oof! (Sorry for these unnecessary details, but I know I'll get a kick out of this log reading it in the future). PF7s @ 379.3 miles and Hanzos @ 19.7 miles.