The daily log of ekadrofske for Monday, April 22, 2019

Reassessing Things


: 10.00 Mile(s) : 01:10:51 : 00:07:05.1 /mile : Brooks Pure Flow 7 #6 : 0.0

Daily Note

Ran from Porter @3:30pm when the weather was 47 degrees, 14 mph winds, and rainy. Could have been an incredibly miserable day to run outside, but was surprisingly tolerable. Part of the reason for this was heading out to NW Roads for the first time in awhile. A couple of guys turned off for this route unannounced and I figured I'd join...good call. Solid group of Turtle, Birdo, Bill, Crispy, Justin, Mike, Nobs, and Primo. By the end it was just the first three. Ran on a portion of road I never have before after going straight at a very muddy Garrett on the way back. Very busy road, (some people need to learn how to use the shoulder better...a bit uneasy watching cars whip past them), so probably won't go here often, but still nice to explore a little. Pace progressively picked up after starting at 7:36 and finishing at 6:47. Felt smooth throughout. Legs didn't feel great on the way out but were able to settle into a very good rhythm on the return journey. The tibial tendon has been less noticeable walking around campus. The biggest difference has been its decreased tightness right upon waking up in the morning. Felt it some on the run, but knock on wood, this is the first improvement I've felt on this thing in two and a half weeks. Top of the left foot feels a little something as I type this post-dinner, but I noticed nothing on the run. Good to get on some softer surfaces. It's also be super nice to run with a larger group the last two days right around my ideal recovery pace of 7:05-7:15. Real glad I threw on a pair of gloves before heading out. The crosswind while heading east was pretty bad, especially since the rain picked up then, but provided a nice tail wind for the final bit. All in all, was not looking forward to this effort while throwing on my shoes before this run, but ended up being a solid one. Afterwards, had to deal with the WOAT indoor facilities at Porter and got in calf raises, toe tappers, stretching, R8 rolling, Pedestal GS x 15, 50 push-ups, 20 squats, and 20x core circuit. Failed to do the 30 crunches and 15 crunches w/ twist at the end of Pedestal since I tried one or two before reaggravating the crumpag on my back from last week's Ped...ouch! Should also note the meetings I had with coaches today. Met with Phil at 1pm and we discussed the next three weeks and how I need to reassess while not overreacting. We've decided to cut mileage to 60-65 while incorporating more mile type training that will hopefully provide a different kind of stimulus and get my legs back under me. Deciding when to race a 5K proved more difficult, but we decided MAC or a meet at the U on May 1st would be the best options. After talking with Cathy and Bretscher at practice, it looks like that May 1st deadline would be the best...Bretscher seemed heavily opposed to the idea of me racing at MAC. Makes sense...he said if it is overtraining, five days recovery won't be enough and I'll simply put myself in a bigger hole if I have another bad race. Additionally, he seemed fine with the training program Phil and I set in place...Cathy said to not even have a weekly mileage goal, but I know if I don't set that I'll probably go over which is the last thing I want. The best part of my talk with Bretscher was his reminder to me of the rough patch I went through in late September and early October. Pretty comparable in terms of a poor performance and a bad workout. (Though I do feel like this time around is even a bit more pronounced). Still boosted my confidence that I can come back from this, which is just what I needed. Really appreciated his insight. Also, after inspecting the logs, I think I've found that while I can withstand high intensity/mileage for four to five weeks, but once I go past this point, things become detrimental quickly. That point last year was preceded by 8 out of 9 weeks above 80, while this current one has been seven weeks of high intensity (4 weeks of 80+ with three more of 11+ hrs of cardio). Time to cut things back. PF7s @ 372.7 miles.