The daily log of ekadrofske for Thursday, April 18, 2019

On & Off Again


: 4.20 Mile(s) : 00:30:00 : 00:07:08.57 /mile : : 0.0


: 11.50 Mile(s) : 01:22:55 : 00:07:12.60 /mile : Brooks Pure Flow 7 #7 : 0.0

Daily Note

Got some real good sleep last night, something my body desperately needed. Woke up later, just before 10, but still decided to head down to Skog...mainly because my normal running shoes were still down there from yesterday. Wore some bub running clothes for this easier morning effort on the updoors track (cotton tee, compressions, ballers). Tibial tendon was very tight, as it often is after waking up, but by the end of the run, I didn't feel it at all. Cardio was a bit restrained, but nothing out of the ordinary and legs were mediocre. A bit lethargic at times, but strangely at other points, felt like there was some bounce in 'em. Afterwards, I headed back up to my room to get some rolling in. Took a quick thirty minute nap until 3:25, then headed down for the day's second run. Left from Porter @ 3:50pm when the weather was 51 degrees, 12 mph winds, and cloudy/sunny. Shifted from complete cloud cover to mostly sunny to very light showers by the end of things. The sunny parts were super pleasant! Started out with eleven other guys with a foray through Carleton's campus before Mike Finn, Luke, and I headed to the Upper Arb. Nice to get on some softer surfaces and slow the pace down a little. After this, needed to get some more miles in, so split off from Finn and onto Jeff. Talk about superb timing, as I met up with Bing right at Ole Rolvaag's graveyard. Made for an enjoyable finish. Nice taking a unique detour down Michigan Drive. Also ran into Evan David through downtown Northfield...that boy's got quite a sweaty buttcrack. Cheeks perfectly dry though. (TMI...I know). Legs felt decent today and had some decent bounce. Perhaps shaking them out this morning contributed to this. Cardio was also relatively relaxed. All in all, a much better day of running than yesterday. Tibial tendon felt it some more near the end with some surprising shots of pain, but was still not terrible. Very happy to have not felt anything on the top of my left foot the last couple of days. Came back for calf raises, toe tappers, R8 rolling, stretching, and the Elliot Core Routine. Went nicely...good having some bangers playing over the speakers for the women's track meet. PF7s @ 336.0 miles.