The daily log of ekadrofske for Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Overtrained? Underrested.


: 11.30 Mile(s) : 01:19:05 : 00:06:59.91 /mile : NB Hanzo : 0.0

Daily Note

Frustrating day all around. Rain was brewing in the skies, so the team was very disjointed in leaving from Porter...some others decided to stick to Skog. This made for a weird feeling practice. Headed out at 3:30pm on Burner with Mike Finn when the weather was 46 degrees, light rain, and 11 mph winds. Didn't feel all that great since my cardio was tight and the legs were flat. NW corner of Burner was completely flooded, so had to use the Juniper Dilly Bar cut through. Returned to Porter and got in an efficient active after throwing on the Hanzos. Only two strides. Started solo at 4pm...things went: 2x400m (200m jog): 73.5, 70.7; 2x300m (200m jog): 52.0, 51.1; 2x200m (200m jog): 33.7, 33.3; 2x100m (100m jog): 14.7, 14.7. The 200 rests were roughly 60 seconds. Things were not as easy as I was hoping they'd be, especially considering all the bouts (100s excluded) were supposed to be around 5K GP. First off, don't know what was up with my first 400, split 35 at the 200 and could've sworn I kept up that pace, but must have fallen asleep mentally. Cardio was off and legs were quite sore from Monday (and maybe Saturday still spilling over?). Phil said it looked like I had some bounce today and surprisingly, even with how bad things felt, I could agree with this. Probably due to the shorter reps. All in all, I was breathing much harder than I would've liked which made me start to become apprehensive about Saturday's race. Started asking myself whether I'm overtrained...potentially arising from doing too much hard cross training in the month of March (after all, hit 12+ hours of cardio for two straight weeks). The lackluster performance carried over into today's lift and by the end of things, was pretty annoyed with myself. Makes me think I need to reconsider some things. Personal rant aside, the cool down was surprisingly tolerable considering the crummy conditions (the rain really started to come down at this point in time and hands got pretty cold). Did cross campus with Mike Finn. Definition of a goon squad rolling through Carleton as we did all of the traditions. Pretty damn fun and honestly may be a top 5 cross campus for me. Added on with a Burner oab before cutting through campus over to Skog to get in the previously mentioned Upper Body Lifting. Chest press, pullovers, lat pulldown, torso rotation (x2), dumbbell shoulder press, tri pulldown, dumbbell curls, tricep press, row, & flies/delts. Before doing this though, got in stretching, calf raises, and ankle mobility. Left hammie and right calf were especially tight. Speaking of the reconsideration I mentioned earlier in this log, I'm getting pretty sick of showering/heading up to dinner alone. I've only got a month left with these boys before summer and want to increase my time with the team...might mean cutting a few things out like the lifting routine and less miles. This could have an added benefit of making me feel more rested and potentially having some better WOs and races. Sorry for the contemplation in today's log, but this certainly defined my day. PF7s @ 320.3 miles and Hanzos @ 14.7 miles.