The daily log of ekadrofske for Sunday, April 14, 2019

Just Four More...


: 8.00 Mile(s) : 00:57:25 : 00:07:10.62 /mile : Brooks Pure Flow 7 #6 : 0.0

Daily Note

Made the impulse decision at 1:15pm (thanks to the Masters ending at an opportune time) that I wanted to go and see the play on campus, The Mousetrap. It meant I would be late to practice, but I'm very glad I ended up attending...really enjoyed it! The whodunit! certainly lasted longer than I expected though, so I didn't get started up until 4:50pm when the weather was 42 degrees, 9 mph winds, and sunny. Super nice to have the sun finally out. Did Bryce. Lower winds and shorter mileage made for a pleasant afternoon effort. Kept the pacing consistent and easy, trying to maximize recovery from yesterday's 18er and looking ahead to tomorrow's workout. It took a good amount of will power to not go twelve, especially when I started to feel good at the end. Hitting 100 for the first time would've been sick, but realized a better workout tomorrow would be more beneficial to this track season. Some slight GI distress helped me feel OK with being done. That being said, the run felt super short when I finished...almost like I hadn't done much of anything. Pretty weird finishing a run where the legs didn't feel tired. The tibial tendon was a huge bother the first mile, but got loosened up very nicely while I didn't feel the top of my right foot. Started to feel a hint of the recurring right ankle issue...whoop-dee-doo. Hate all these pains, but it's not keeping me from running, (knock on wood), so I'm gonna run. Cardio was in a good spot throughout the day and felt quite smooth. Legs weren't half bad either, which was a pleasant surprise. (Though as I walk around tonight they've gotten more stiff). This rounded out my highest mileage week ever (and with only one two-a-day...all other 90+ weeks have included two of these). Afterwards was calf raises, stretching, and upper body lifting. Chest press, pullovers, lat pulldown, torso rotation (x2), dumbbell shoulder press, tri pulldown, dumbbell curls, ab coaster, flies/delts, row, & dips. Went quite well, especially chest press and lat pulldown. PF7s @ 291.7 miles.