The daily log of ekadrofske for Saturday, April 13, 2019

Two Guys, One Run


: 18.00 Mile(s) : 02:01:08 : 00:06:43.77 /mile : Brooks Pure Flow 7 #6 : 0.0

Daily Note

Ran from Skog @10:10am when the weather was 32 degrees, cloudy, and 12 mph winds. Can't remember the last day it hasn't been windy & cloudy...though had some odd points during the run where it seemed to get sunnier, but the object itself wasn't really in sight. Started off with Mike Finn, Nobs, Luke, Turtle, and Crispy on Jeff. Nobs started up hills a bit after mile and Finn and Luke left us around mile six. Crispy and I cruised with Turtle back up to campus before it became just Crispy and I on Short Bryce back to S*#% Shack to finish out the long run. Things went decently well this morning. I was planning on 15 going in, but ended up extending things, (as is often the case), and managed to get in my longest run ever by 1.7 miles. The tibial tendon was tight the first two miles, which was to be expected considering I had only woken up 45 minutes before and hadn't loosened it up while walking around. The top of my left foot started to feel some pain at mile eleven, but after a poop break at Carleton 11.6 miles in, it improved. This break was also nice as it rejuvenated me for the final six miles. Nice to pick things up a little during this last portion. 6:40ish felt very good and smooth. Legs didn't get tired near the end which was a nice surprise. That being said, mentally the effort started to feel quite long beginning at miles fourteen. In addition to the long run there was a workout thrown in from miles 5 to 8.7. Things went: 8x1' (1' jog), 4x30" (30" jog). Ran a couple steps back of Crispy and Turtle for the entire thing which was frustrating, but just gotta realize I need to get in slightly better shape. Cardio wasn't stellar during these bouts. Some lactic build-up early on, but didn't get much worse throughout. The final two rests were pushed to 90" due to crossing Woodley and Division. Roads were surprisingly busy on a Saturday morning...I feel like we got in the way of a lot of cars. Sometimes the Minnesota Nice becomes too much when people don't pass by us. All in all, very pleased to have gotten this many miles in. Now I just have to show some restraint tomorrow and make sure I don't overdo things in looking towards 100. Afterwards, was calf raises, toe tappers, rolling, stretching, and 20x core circuit. PF7s @ 283.7 miles.