The daily log of ekadrofske for Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Follow the Yellow-Sign Road


: 13.20 Mile(s) : 01:34:50 : 00:07:11.06 /mile : Brooks Pure Flow 7 #6 : 0.0

Daily Note

Classic late lab Tuesday. Ran solo from Porter @5pm when the weather was 55 degrees, 16 mph winds, and partly sunny (turning into full clouds by the end). With the windier conditions and forecasted snow I wanted to make sure I took full advantage of the lower Arb. Headed out on Radio Tower and got the farthest east I ever have on that road. Always fun to explore a little bit, especially when you only see one car for 3.5 miles. On the way back, did an out-and-back Canada Rd. add-on before retracing my steps back to Porter with a very slight deviation around Manitou. Both my turnarounds today were at these little yellow warning signs for a dip in the road. Coincidence?...not really. Arb trails weren't too bad. One massive puddle just after sharb turnoff and slightly muddy before hitting Canada. Biggest annoyance was the noticeable deposition of rocks and gravel on the trail around sharb turnoff, which made for some uneven and slower footing. Mind was drained and not looking forward to the run while starting up, but got out there and by mile four was really enjoying myself. Legs have been very sore walking around campus today, but got decently loosened up by this effort. Got into a good rhythm thanks to an easy cadence, which allowed me to zone out and clip off the miles. Cardio was in a solid spot and I made sure to keep the effort appropriate to focus on recovery. This was just what I needed after a rough last couple days of running and a long eight hours of class/lab. The tibial tendon only felt a few twinges of pain, but otherwise was non-apparent...another thing I'm thankful for. Afterwards was calf raises, R8 rolling, stretching, and Pedestal GS x 15. PF7s @ 223.9 miles.