The daily log of ekadrofske for Monday, April 08, 2019

A Wall of Wind


: 15.00 Mile(s) : 01:41:38 : 00:06:46.53 /mile : New Balance 1500v3 : 0.0

Daily Note

Had to get this one in earlier since the game started @8:20 up in the cities, so Zaggy and I needed to leave campus no later than six. Unfortunately this meant I had to go solo. Looking at times from the other guys pretty disappointed I did this alone. Not only was it much harder, but also makes me pretty frustrated I wasn't able to buckle down and hit some faster times. Warm-up felt great on Burner, plus a little extra to get in 3.1 miles. Pacing was actually 6:58. Legs were loose and breathing was in a good spot. Began to realize, however, that the wind was going to be an issue. It was 18-20 mph out of the due west, which meant the back straight would have it heavy. Temp was 68 degrees, with partly cloudy skies. Beautiful day, but not the greatest for working out. Got in an active warm-up after tossing on the NB flats. With the high volume and recent injury concerns, decided a more substantial shoe would be the way to go today. Going into this thing, I was not looking forward to it. To be completely honest, I've dreaded this thing since the moment I finished it last year. One of those WOs that I tell myself during other hard workouts throughout the year...'Well at least I'm not doing that 10400m one". Meant I couldn't really have that thought today, cause here we are grinding it out. Oof. Things went: 2x1600m (400 jog): 4:58, 5:01, 4x1000m (400 jog): 3:16, 3:13, 3:16, 3:12, 6x400m (200 jog): 76, 74, 73, 73, 71, 70, 4x200m (200 jog): 34.3, 33.7, 32.9, 31.9. As I'm sure you can tell, the Ks were absolutely abysmal. Super frustrated with myself regarding these. Legs were absolutely shot and couldn't move faster. Trying to increase cadence wouldn't work. Hitting the wind only made things worse (as you can see with the +3 sec when I had to hit the wind three times vs twice). Ended up ditching my hat part way through the Ks since it kept trying to fly off my head. Thankfully, the miles were pretty much were I wanted them. Somehow, after heavily considering dropping out since I felt so poor on the Ks, responded decently to the shorter reps. Legs were actually kinda rejuvenated by the second half of the 4s and all the twos. Glad I cut these bouts down from too slow to just right. 200s were pretty fun and it was nice to only have to cover half a lap. All in all, I'm glad I grinded through these tough bouts, but timewise I'm quite disappointed in myself. Felt off today and couldn't respond mentally or physically during those Ks. Super confused in with my training right now. Had some great workouts over spring break, but ever since last Thursday, I've now had three BAD hard efforts. I've gone from feeling out of shape, to very in shape, to out of shape. Bit of a training slump right now that I hope leaves soon. Phil said I might want to consider taking the mileage down. Cooled down low and slow @ 7:43 pace on reverse Burner with Zaggy, Primo, and Byv. Legs pretty darn tired, but not shot. Thankfully didn't really notice the tibial tendon today, though we'll see how it responds tomorrow. After the run, did calf raises, toe tappers, rolled (I hate Byv's roller), & Pillar GS x 12. NB flats @ 420 miles & PF7s @ 210.7 miles.