The daily log of ekadrofske for Sunday, April 07, 2019

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Daily Note

Could I have run today? Probably. But the tibial tendon was feeling more pain than I would've liked at the end of yesterday's cool down and this is something I really don't want lingering as we approach prime outdoor competition season. For this reason, forced myself to head down to Skog and hop on the Keiser stationary bike. A little later than normal since I had some laundry that needed finishing up and was also pretty productive cleaning around the room. Started up @ 4:10pm and was planning on 90 minutes heading in. As is often the case, I was able to stretch things a little longer and get the weekly cardio up to eleven hours. Kept the HR at an appropriate spot between 140-154 for pretty much the entire time. Cardio was weird since it felt abnormally restrained and tight...kinda like in the race yesterday. Normally can't notice this on the bike, but certainly could today. Started lower resistance with higher RPM for the first half and transitioned to higher resistance with slightly lower RPM to finish out. Was worried not biking for over a week would create unnecessary discomfort, but felt pretty natural. Time went by relatively fast as I cranked through three 99PI episodes, the middle one being an all time classic...'Billboard Boys'. Other two, 'Devolutionary Design' and 'The House That Came in the Mail', were decent but nothing extraordinary. Last fifteen minutes really dragged on, but got it done. Afterwards, did Upper Body Lifting. Chest press, pullovers, lat pulldown, torso rotation, dumbbell shoulder press, tri pulldown, dumbbell curls, sit-up variations, flies/delts, tricep press, & row. Went pretty well today, though was feeling pretty dehydrated after sweating a lot on the bike. Up next: the debate of when to get in the big workout. Tomorrow or Tuesday, and if tomorrow, will probably half to go a bit early.