The daily log of ekadrofske for Saturday, April 06, 2019

Where'd the Speed Go?


: 13.80 Mile(s) : 01:36:07 : 00:06:57.89 /mile : Brooks Pure Flow 7 #6 : 0.0

Daily Note

Began the warm-up @ 10:30am when the weather was pretty darn crummy. Headed out east from Hamline with Max and Bing. Felt pretty good on this, but I guess the pacing was quite slow. Lots of puddles on an uneven sidewalk that reminded me of the sidewalk on Silsby from 'walks around the block' during my early years. Nostalgic I guess. Legs were relatively loose and cardio just fine. Rain let up and was pretty much gone by the time we got back to the track. Got in a decent active outside, though in hindsight was probably a bit too abbreviated. Just wasn't entirely mentally in the racing mindset. Race went off and after 100m of what felt like far too slow of a pace, I took the lead and held that for a mere 300m. Came through the 400m in 69 and things fell apart quickly. Simply couldn't move my legs any faster and cardio was pretty darn off...some similarities to the bad workout on Oct. 9th 2018. Although I wasn't feeling I'm confident I could've gone longer, just not faster if that makes any sense. Legs were too used to 5K/10K workout pace and the lack (almost complete absence) of strides in the last two months was noticeable. Could be frustrated, but more just disappointed since I know I'm in better shape and a better runner than this. I know it wasn't a great day all around, but pretty embarrassing to run 8 seconds slower than my underweight, coming back from injury freshman year self. Will certainly incorporate strides (aches and pains allowing) the upcoming month to try and remedy this problem. Didn't think about form or turnover at all, which is another negative. Cool down was solid at least w/ Max and Jeb. Headed south and eventually cut west to get to St. Thomas and the MS River Trail. Made me realize how thankful I am to not have city running be part of my daily routine. Holy moly were those streets busy and noisy. First and last mile and a half involved lots of starting and stopping, plus some sirens and close car run-ins. Legs felt loose and in a solid rhythm, resulting in a faster pace (~6:45) on the way back. Cardio was relaxed and open. Tibial tendon hurt much more than I would've liked. Annoying and concerning. Did minimal stretching after getting back. PF7s @ 204.7 miles.