The daily log of ekadrofske for Wednesday, April 03, 2019

The Exodus


: 13.60 Mile(s) : 01:38:01 : 00:07:12.42 /mile : Brooks Pure Flow 7 #6 : 0.0

Daily Note

Great sleep last night...has me feeling a lot more awake and alert than yesterday (though got pretty tired this afternoon). Inner left ankle, shin and right hammie are slightly bothersome walking around so we'll see how this progresses throughout the day. Ran from Porter @ 3:30pm when the weather was 48 degrees, 7 mph winds, and mostly cloudy. Headed to the Upper Arb with Mike Finn, Sid, Nobs, and Turtle. People slowly fell off as things progressed. Mike Finn was going shorter and left after four or so, then just Turtle and I added on another long loop, and then I hit Greenvale on the way back (thanks to a stopped train) and finished at Skog. Good recovery level effort today. After a hefty load of workouts the past eight days, really had to make sure I prioritized feeling good on this thing. Breathing a little more strained than I would've liked on some of the Arb's hills though. Right shoulder also felt weirdly tight the last half. Didn't notice the interior left ankle on the run, but it still is a bit of a bother otherwise. Thankfully the hammie has died down as the day's gone on and the shin as well. Good to get on some softer surfaces but after a long few months of pavement, the grass feels frustratingly slow. Took me awhile to get feeling good on this run. First six miles dragged on as I felt heavy and out of it. The last three miles I started to feel really good and was able to cruise along. Finished on Prairie, hoping it was fully ready, but unfortunately the end portion through the forest is either ice covered or very squishy. Finished at Skog in order to get in the Upper Body Lifting Routine. Enjoyable lift today as things went: Chest press, pullovers, lat pulldown, torso rotation (x2), dumbbell shoulder press (harder than usual), tri pulldown, dumbbell curls, flies/delts, tricep press, & row. Really wanted to get this in today since the last time I'd done it was Saturday. Not ideal being that I moved most my stuff down to Porter before practice today, which forces me to walk back there to shower and roll. Speaking of which, did calf raises, toe tappers, R8 rolled, and stretching. Considering the nagging issues I've been dealing with recently, wanted to make sure I got in a solid stretch. PF7s @ 178.3 miles.