The daily log of ekadrofske for Tuesday, April 02, 2019

A Blessing In Disguise


: 11.60 Mile(s) : 01:18:16 : 00:06:44.82 /mile : Brooks Pure Flow 7 #6 : 0.0

Daily Note

Ran by myself from Skog @4:50pm when the weather was 46 degrees, 20 mph winds, and cloudy. I quickly decided that I wasn't about to endure eleven plus miles and a tempo workout while running solo through the apocalypse, so after getting pelted by 35 mile per hour gusts and rain on S#%* Shack, I promptly turned around after only .35 miles and sought shelter in Skog. Only made it .9 miles outside today...oof I've gotten soft. Next 3.1 were on the treadmill, but that sucked. The miles were dragging on, I don't trust the pacing of those newer ones (always feels slow), and hair was getting in my face. Made a bathroom pit stop before shifting to the updoors track for the remainder of the day's effort. This ended up being a pattern. Only two miles later I headed back to the bathroom as the floodgates were about to open. Don't know what was up, but my stomach and GI system felt super off. (Even at dinner and as I sit here typing this at 8:45pm my stomach still feels less than ideal). All in all, I ended up making four bathroom stops during this run (if you count the one immediately afterwards), which I'm pretty sure is an all time record for me. The other one came during the 5' rest between today's 10' tempos. This 'workout' went pretty well as I kept things at an appropriate effort and settled into a good rhythm. Averaged around 5:26 pace for the first one and 5:19 for the second. It was nice knowing my laps needed to sit just a little below one minute. Very easy cardio wise, but surprisingly felt a little lactic near the end...probably due to this being the 5th hard effort in eight days. I was seriously debating doing this harder effort based on how off I was feeling but thankfully the GI distress mostly went away for the up tempo work. Simply glad to have gotten this quality effort in at all. Cooled down a mere six laps since my mileage was already high enough for the day (thanks to the long 6.5 warm-up where I debated working out or not, while simultaneously waiting for GI to feel better/tolerable). Met up with Max at the very tail end of things. Right hammie was feeling tight and kinda weird. Inner left ankle also sore. Nothing major, but two things to keep an eye on. Looking back, I'm very glad the weather was so poor when I started up my run cause I don't even want to imagine the disaster that would have occurred if I had been out away from campus. Afterwards, did calf raises, toe tappers, stretching, and the Elliot Core Routine. PF7s @ 164.7 miles.