The daily log of ekadrofske for Monday, April 01, 2019

Blue Bottomed Boys


: 12.50 Mile(s) : 01:23:30 : 00:06:40.8 /mile : NB Hanzo : 0.0

Daily Note

Great to get back to the outdoor track for our workout today. Weather was 45 degrees, cloudy, and 7 mph winds. Pretty solid conditions I must say. Started from Skog since the exodus happens tomorrow and did the first of many Burners this spring. Never been a huge fan of this route, but it is just a warm-up after all. Ended up being three miles in 21:39. Didn't feel all that great on this WU as the legs were tired and didn't get in much of a groove. Cardio was also mediocre at best. Got back to Porter though and slapped on my new pair of flats, NB Hanzos. Picked these bad boys up at Playmakers over break and they worked fantastically. Felt pretty aggressive, but other than the weight, they weren't too different from my normal trainer (due to the identical 4mm drop). Did active including two strides and then got into things. Prescribed WO was 8x800m @ 10K goal pace with 400m jog recovery. Jogs ended up being about 2:10, while the rep splits went: 2:30.7, 2:29.4, 2:29.1, 2:29.5, 2:27.1, 2:26.5, 2:26.2, 2:26.3. Pacing was very solid and pretty much even throughout. Last one was an unintentional cut-down after a slow first 200. I paced the second and sixth ones. Great to have guys to workout with...made this much easier than this past Tuesday. Twas Crispy, Turtle, Plumb, and I out there today. Formed up a nice string that split the pacing duties, (good quote from Phil today that I haven't heard before was "maintain the train"). The tired legs thankfully went away during the workout which made for a smooth and consistent cadence. This rhythm was only enhanced by good cardio and overall made the effort feel relatively easy. Stomach/GI was feeling a little weird by the end, but thankfully this held off until the 800s were all said and done. Cooled down starting on the infield, but got sick of this pretty fast, even though there was good conversation with the boys. Headed out into the northern suburbs and finished on S#%* Shack. Legs went back to feeling sore, but was simply out there just trying to get some miles in. (3.75 miles in 27:03). This makes it 93.5 in the last seven days, which is pretty close to my weekly record of 95. Most in seven days (done 'properly' with only two two-a-days) is 97.8. Not feeling too many negative effects, other than the soreness. For this reason, made sure to emphasize preventative stuff on the mats and did calf raises, toe tappers, rolled, R8 rolled, stretched, 20 squats, and 20x core circuit. Lower right calf and quads were especially tight. PF7s @ 153.1 miles & Hanzos @ 5.75 miles.