The daily log of ekadrofske for Saturday, February 23, 2019

Tougher Race Than Usual


: 11.20 Mile(s) : 01:18:49 : 00:07:02.23 /mile : Brooks Pure Flow 7 #5 : 0.0

Daily Note

Day Two of conference began at 10:15am when I finally roused myself from bed. Did 20 push-ups again to get things going. Also R8 rolled to try and loosen the legs up. Finished brunch by 11:45am and was down in Skog by 1:30 to watch the first heat of the 3K. Began the warm-up (which ended up being 3.1 miles in 22:22) at 2:35pm and did it with Turtle, Justin, and Crispy. Pacing nice and relaxed. I felt alright and the 5K from yesterday wasn't too noticeable in my legs. Goal of the WU was to get into a good rhythm and build confidence. For some reason, I felt less 'in the zone' for today than I did yesterday. I had a difficult time visualizing the race to come. I distinctly remember multiple times on Friday when I'd think of the upcoming effort and my HR would pick up drastically. This only happened a few times today. Can't say I wasn't motivated, but it did feel like less special of a race. This will certainly be something I need to improve on for future doubles...keeping up that mindset for two consecutive days. Active warm-up was just fine and got in five or six strides (I forget). Race went off at 3:25pm. I started in on the very inside of lane 1. I considered going out hard, but instead got stuck in 14th out of 15th place for the first lap. This always seems to happen. I've gotta be more confident sometimes! Slowly moved up to ninth in a place with the top competitors and started to ride the train. Don't really remember any splits, but if I'm able to access them, I'll make sure to add them at a later date. Other than the slow first lap, was clicking off 34s and 35s and trying to stick with Oles. I moved up to about sixth, but that's the highest I would get. Responded decently well to some moves in order to get in this position, but fell off the 'good response' train when Tris and Crispy flew by me with about 900 to go. Should've tried to go with them. Still stuck on Cameron's back though for a while, but didn't have the finishing strength, kick, or mental mindset to reel him in. That one's gonna haunt me for a while. It's really grinding on me because I know I could've scored and PRed if I'd stuck with him. Instead finished in ninth with a 8:47.93, which is .45 slower than my PR. Definitely not a terrible race and I'm actually fine with how things went, but nothing to be pleased with. Great experience though to finally get a double under me. This will be huge come outdoor this spring and senior year. I can't necessarily say that the 5K destroyed me, but the legs weren't fresh for sure. A grind it out race. Afterwards, went to the updoors track with Justin, Turtle, and Crispy for a very, very slow CD. Hit 8:17 average for the first three miles! Wilkinson, Tris, and Cameron joined us for a time as well. Although super slow, the conversation helped make the first half of this cool down entertaining. Everyone else finished up, so it was just Cameron and I talking for mile four. The final two were solo, but even without good convo, things went by quickly. Picked up the pace and bit and cruised along while the meet finished up below. Overall, it was 6.2 miles in 47:39. Only thing I did after the race was rolling back in the Pod. It was great having my Dad here for the weekend. Always nice that he's willing to come up and cheer me on...also makes for some good meals around Northfield. Also really enjoyed having the meet at home. St. Olaf did a great job of hosting and our facility with the updoors track really is far and away the best place for an indoor conference meet. PF7s @ 590 miles.