The daily log of ekadrofske for Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Gettin' Over the Hump


: 8.50 Mile(s) : 01:00:35 : 00:07:07.64 /mile : Brooks Pure Flow 7 #5 : 0.0

Daily Note

Alarm didn't go off, so I was up at 9:04 for 9:05 Biochem of Adaptation...RIP. Managed to get there by 9:15. This had me a little out of it, something I'd feel for the rest of the day. Got down to Skog and wasn't feeling the updoors track, so hit the same Woodway treadmill that I've been using these past two weeks. Got some music going which helped things to go by quicker. Went with some of my favorite up tempo alt rock tracks that I've found fuel my runs quite nicely. Recently, the outside of my left foot has been less of a bother and this remained the case today. Rolled along at 7:19 pace to start and eventually worked down to 6:58 by the end. Just tried to keep things feeling natural and relatively relaxed. Miles 4.5-6.5 sucked cause I got out of sync and some weird GI/stomach feelings set in...almost like I had eaten cucumbers for lunch (which of course I hadn't)! Pushed through and eventually things got better and had some bounce in my step to finish the day's effort out. Hit the hour that I wanted to get in. Legs felt average. Not quite as fresh as I would like, but also not tired. The slight sickness (more tiredness/achiness) I mentioned yesterday was barely noticeable today! Hopefully things are 100% by tomorrow so that I'm confident entering Friday. (Somehow it's only Wednesday?!) Got off the treadmill and promptly headed for the bathroom to help myself feel a little better, though stomach is even feeling off now as I write this post-dinner. After the run, did calf raises, toe tappers, rolled, stretched, ankle mobility, balancing, 11 minutes of various core/PUs, and R8 rolling. PF7s @ 566.3 miles.