The daily log of ekadrofske for Friday, February 08, 2019

Solid at Showcase


: 12.20 Mile(s) : 01:23:06 : 00:06:48.68 /mile : Brooks Pure Flow 7 #5 : 0.0

Daily Note

Not the greatest night's sleep as I was up relatively often. Woke up @8:25am and did 20 push-ups and 20x core circuit. Was debating doing anything at all (usually don't do strength on meet day), but figured this would get the HR up a little to start the day which is always nice, especially considering I wasn't going to shakeout this morning. On the way to the meet, was feeling pretty exhausted in the car, so I took a ~30 minute nap. Race went off at 2:55pm (finished eating lunch at 11:20am), so started warm-up with Justin and Crispy at 2:05pm. Did a unique WU of 24 laps around lanes 2-3 of St. Thomas's track. Made for a bit over 3 miles in 22 minutes. We went in reverse since the race would be 25 laps in the other direction. Cardio felt very restricted this morning, but it was fine during this prep. Legs also felt better as things progressed. Spiked up with solid active that included three-ish strides at a pace probably a bit slower than usual. First two hundred meters I sat in last place right next to Crispy and came through in a 38. Pretty slow, but nothing catastrophic...after all, it's nice to avoid unnecessary stress at the beginning of a longer race. Settled in pretty quickly though and latched onto a group of about five or six a K in. This included Justin and Crispy, plus a Stout guy and Wartburg guy. Would've been nice to have latched on to the su-15 crew, but unfortunately that wasn't the case today. There were some weird points, especially in the last 2K where I felt like I could go faster, especially cardio wise, but the body just wouldn't respond for some odd reason. Felt like I was flying the final K, but of course, was actually just maintaining pace. It was great to get this race under my belt and regain all the confidence I had lost from two weeks ago. It certainly would've been nice to run 3.5 seconds faster for an overall PR, but still a 9.5 second indoor PR with 15:16.37. It was nice having Justin to key off of the entire race. Made things so much easier. In hindsight though, I probably should've let him know I was there so he also could have worked off of me...I only lead from 4200-4600m. Thing I'm probably most pleased with was the even pacing. Things went: 3:03, 3:00, 3:04, 3:05, 3:03. 'Mile' splits were 4:51, 4:53, 4:57. Legs were relatively fresh which was a nice change of pace. Overall, quite pleased with how the race went, but I know that I have a good amount more to offer. Makes me very tempted to run this event at conference. Watched the second heat that included Finn and Plumb before going outside. Cool down was 6 miles in 45:19 down on the Mississippi River Trail for the first four w/ Justin, Turtle, and Plumb. Huge congrats to Turtle today on breaking 15 for the first time! Great to see! The footing was less than stellar (though not as slippery as I expected) and it was pretty darn chilly as the real feel sat around -15. Sun helped warm things up and I also overdressed a bit...forgot gloves in the van, but thankfully the thin Grease Monkey's hidden under the wind breaker worked just fine. Kept things nice and low and slow, which made for a solid first few miles. Legs started to get pretty darn tired 3.5 in...that annoying rubbery feeling. Still decided to push through and added on the final two miles solo around the Tommie's campus. Once I got back inside, did calf raises and R8 rolling. PF7s @ 440.6 miles.