The daily log of ekadrofske for Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Solo in the Sunshine State


: 12.80 Mile(s) : 01:26:40 : 00:06:46.25 /mile : Brooks Pure Flow 7 #5 : 0.0

Daily Note

Began the run at 9:45am when the weather was 63 degrees, cloudy, and 9 mph winds. By the time I was done, the temp was up at 77 degrees and mostly sunny. Of course this decided to come out just in time for the workout to make things a bit more difficult. Humidity was up around 85%. Warmed up with Alden down around Mandevilla with a slight add-on to Woodlake before breaking off to head out to Tamiami for the workout. Cardio felt decent and legs weren't too flat, even yesterday's pool volleyball and pickleball. Overall, it was 4 miles in 29:11. Did active warm-up before starting. I was certainly not the most excited to get into the day's hard effort. I distinctly remember this bad boy from last year and it was an absolute grind. I gotta say that this year was also quite tough, but a bit more doable and appropriately paced. I unfortunately couldn't get to a track (just like last year), but did pretty comparable distances with the Garmin (ex. 1600 = 1.0 mile or 1000 = .625 miles). I'm not sure what exactly it is about working out in Florida that makes things so tough, but that's definitely the case. Perhaps its the warm conditions that I'm not used to, the fact I'm not in flats, or the fact I'm going at it alone instead of with a pack of boys. I don't want to be making excuses though...onto the workout! Things went: 1x1600 (3' rest), 1x1000m (2.75' rest), 2x800m (2.5' rest), 2x400m (90" rest), 6x15" (30" rest). Corresponding times were: 4:57, 3:02, 2:26, 2:31, 69, 69. In total, covered 5.3 miles in 32:53. Most disappointed with the final 800 split. That was definitely too slow, but also the most difficult rep. Glad I was able to bounce back and respond well by running the exact pace I wanted on the 400s. The first two bouts were a tad slow, but I'm fine with the K I guess. Disappointed I slowed down so much the second portion of the mile bout (I think my halfway split was 2:25?). Form fell apart some on the middle reps, but by the end I had gotten it back. The shorter stuff felt quite smooth, which was a nice way to finish. The 6x15" at the end is some very solid race simulation stuff. Cardio was decent, but legs started to feel flat with some lactic acid. Thankfully didn't have to dodge too many folks on Tamiami (the reason I went out here in the first place and avoided Bonita Bay paths). There was one landscaping guy and his cart I had to keep passing as I went up and down, but he was nice enough to pretty much park it completely off the sidewalk. After things were over, I ran back to the red loop, did a little out and back and finished back at Chris's place. This was 3.5 miles in 24:36. This felt better as it progressed. Feet have some serious callouses and potentially some blisters going on...kinda painful to be honest. Weird phenomenon happened during the mile bout where the bottoms of my feet felt like they were burning. Probably a result of friction with shoes and hot temps...this was not pleasant. Finished out the morning with calf raises, toe tappers, rolled, stretched, 50 push-ups, 20 squats, and 20x core circuit. Before heading to dinner (huge thanks to Grandpa George Scott!), did Pillar GS x 15 at 5:10pm. PF7s @ 411.8 miles.