The daily log of ekadrofske for Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Milling About


: 10.50 Mile(s) : 01:07:32 : 00:06:25.90 /mile : Brooks Pure Flow 7 #5 : 0.0

Daily Note

Woke up @8:15am and 20 squats and 20x core circuit. Had to run earlier today since our flight for Florida heads out at 6:10pm, but we're leaving campus at 2:15. Hit up the treadmills in Skog. Started out for the first 6.2 miles in the back right corner. It felt kinda weird to start and about two miles in, I started to smell something burning. At mile 6.1, the tread got super loose and floppy and then started to shift to the right. Before I knew it, half the tread was gone! Thankfully got off that thing before things got too bad. Pulled the plug on that bad boy (as recommended by Phil who was on an elliptical in front of me). I had started up my tempo at 5:30 pace and had covered .9 miles when the treadmill broke. Quickly made my way over to a similar treadmill in the front left corner and this one worked just fine. Worked the pace down to 5:21 for an overall average of 5:27 in the 20 minutes. Everything felt pretty comfortable, especially after getting settled in after shifting mills. Cooled down a little less than two miles. For the five mile warm-up the outer left foot was kinda painful, but nothing terrible. Still an annoyance though. Glad to have gotten in the necessary work, especially on a day when it would have been impossible to tempo outdoors. Think my form was decent as I picked up the legs more than usual. Felt the calves tightening some, so this was to try and counteract this. Afterwards, only had time for Upper Body Lifting. Did chest press, pullovers, lat pulldown, torso rotation, shoulder press, tri pulldowns, & dumbbell curls. Didn't go well. Potentially due to the very quick turnaround from workout. Not a big deal though. PF7s @ 330.1 miles.