The daily log of ekadrofske for Tuesday, January 29, 2019

-38...Had to Do It


: 11.40 Mile(s) : 01:20:14 : 00:07:02.28 /mile : Brooks Pure Flow 7 #5 : 0.0

Daily Note

Woke up @ 10:15am and did 50 push-ups, 20 squats, and 20x core circuit. Pael and I were the only one's dumb enough to venture outside today in the cloudy, -11 degrees, and 24 mph wind conditions which made for a real feel of -38! Wasn't planning on doing the whole run outside, but wanted to get out there just for the meme. Had to try and get in 3.1 though, otherwise it's not really a run. Started at the bottom of Skog hill (which sucked...I now see why we start at the top for all our runs) and went to the tracks and back. Gotta say that I overdressed on top for this bad boy. The five layers (t-shirt, long sleeve, thicker long sleeve, hoodie, and wind breaker) had me drenched in sweat. Legs (compressions, tights, pants) were pretty cold by the end. But everything else, thanks to two pairs of socks, three layers on the hands, and balaclava+hat+gator+hood on head kept things warm. No exposed skin, even on the face meant my sunglasses got really fogged up. (Wore these since they provided more cover). Had to peer out the left side to even be able to see which was definitely the biggest annoyance of this run. Made it back to Skog (glad I went outside, if only for 3.2 miles) and stripped down. Then onto the updoors track for 45 laps, which made 8.2 miles at around 6:51 pace. Got cruising along and felt very comfortable. At no point did the outer left foot bother me all that much. After a while up there, you just get into a rhythm and zone out. Right calf wasn't too tight. Was interesting running without glasses, as I didn't want to wear the shades inside or go back to my locker to get my normal pair. Made things slightly blurry, but not intolerable. Overall, a day where the necessary miles got done, and thankfully didn't go insane doing it. Afterwards, I tried out 2x100m strides, (was hoping for four), but the outside of my left foot was painful, so didn't want to push it. Calf raises, toe tappers, rolled, stretched (felt very tight), and Elliot Core Routine. This was more difficult than usual. Surprisingly felt like I could notice the weight difference between one and two pairs of socks. PF7s @ 319.6 miles.