The daily log of ekadrofske for Monday, January 28, 2019

Cuttin' It Down


: 12.60 Mile(s) : 01:27:28 : 00:06:56.50 /mile : New Balance 1500v3 : 0.0

Daily Note

Woke up @9:35am. Been getting some solid sleep as of late which is nice. Workout today in Tostrud w/ Turtle, Justin, and Plumb. Warmed up on the updoors track for 4 miles in 28:18. Outside of the left foot was a real bother, but thankfully went away about two miles in. Definitely think I'm gonna have the orthotic shipped to Florida so I have it if necessary. By the end of the warm-up was feeling pretty smooth overall. Did a nice active after tossing on the flats. Might need some new ones soon as the heel on these is really starting to wear down (on the inside of the shoe!! I'm no heal striker...). Today's workout consisted of: 1x1000m (~300m jog): 2:59; 2x800m (~300m, ~400m jog): 2:23, 2:23; 6x400m (~250m jog): 69.4, 70.1, 70.4, 67.1, 67.4, 65.0. The pacing was rock solid today. Everyone was on their game and hit pretty much exactly what we wanted. I guess the eight hundos could've been a second faster, but we made up for that with the progressively faster 400s. These were a real fun way to finish things out. Legs started to feel tire/lactic acid-y on the last two, but that's to be expected. Can't say any rep of this workout was overly difficult, but solid all around. This was a real nice confidence builder after Friday's dud. Helps to reaffirm that I'm actually in shape. Stride might have gotten a bit too long from time to time, but at least I noticed this and tried to adjust. Cardio remained smooth. Also thankful the left foot didn't bother me at all during the faster stuff, or even on the cool down really. Speaking of the cool down, did 4.1 miles in 30:00. Right calf was super wacky during first three laps...almost like it was cramping up. Started off low and slow which felt nice, but after two miles wanted to pick up the pace from 7:35, so did a couple of 7 flats to finish out. Bathroom was calling by the end. Surprised how long the whole process took today, so didn't have much time on the mats. Did calf raises, toe tappers, and rolling. Then headed upstairs for upper body lifting. Was average...chest press, pullovers, lat pulldowns, side/side SUs, dumbbell shoulder press, lat pulldown, dumbbell curls, torso rotation, and 10 PUs. PF7s @ 308.2 miles and NB flats @ 408 miles.