The daily log of ekadrofske for Friday, January 25, 2019



: 4.40 Mile(s) : 00:31:17 : 00:07:06.59 /mile : Brooks Pure Flow 7 #5 : 0.0


: 11.90 Mile(s) : 01:14:18 : 00:06:14.62 /mile : Brooks Pure Flow 7 #5 : 0.0

Daily Note

Woke up @8:35am and was running at 9. Went on a similar route to last Friday with the Cannon Valley Suburbs. Pretty solid little route for a morning out-and-back. Today may have marked the coldest air temp I've ever run in at -10. Thankfully there were only 3 mph winds, so it wasn't terrible, but there was no sun to warm things up at all. Felt decent all around. Right calf was pretty tight afterwards for some reason. Calf raises, toe tappers, and rolling to finish out the morning effort. Well...that was less than stellar. Process began at 7:39pm...this was after lunch from 1:10-1:40 and a PB/Banana at 6:35. Did 3.6 miles in 25:55 on the updoors track. Cardio was very restricted to start but progressively got better. Extended things a little til I felt the end of things I was feeling light on my feet and smooth cardio. Race went off at 8:24pm. Wachter went out like a bandit the first lap and took me through in 34. A bit fast, but nothing terrible. 350m into the race though I realized I felt flat. This didn't effect me for the first K as a came through in a fine 2:55. Exactly the 8:45 pace I wanted. Things went downhill quickly from here. Next K was 3:03 and final one was 3:10. Cardio was fine throughout, but it was the legs that got to me. I could build a house with these bad boys...felt like bricks. Phil said it didn't look like I had any bounce after the race, and I totally agree. So incredibly weighed down and heavy put me out of things mentally once I started to fall off the pace. Didn't believe I could pull things back together and pretty much gave up, which is frustrating. By the 2K my goal simply became to not embarrass myself and finish the race...still might have embarrassed myself though by running 21 seconds slower than last week with a 9:08.85. Ridiculous. I realize some of this is due to the past week of training...after all Sat, Mon, Wed, and now today were all moderate to difficult efforts which makes 4 in 7 days. Still, though, the poor mentality certainly contributed. I appreciate everyone for cheering me on so much, just wasn't with it today. Went up to the upstairs track to finish off miles. Didn't think a tempo would be prudent after the poor race, so decided on a slightly easier, yet solid stimulus of a 6 mile progression. Went 7:02, 6:40, 6:18, 5:55, 5:40, 5:25. Cardio was great throughout, but the legs got quite tired for the final mile. Ended with .3 miles slower for a little CD. High mileage has started to become frustrating for these January races. I know that once I taper, I'll appreciate these miles, but for now, these sporadic races are starting to get me down. Simply stretched after. PF7s @ 274.6 miles. Tomorrow's another day.