The daily log of ekadrofske for Monday, January 21, 2019

Tight Calves in Tostrud


: 13.30 Mile(s) : 01:31:00 : 00:06:50.52 /mile : New Balance 1500v3 : 0.0

Daily Note

Woke up at 9:45am and knocked out 50 push-ups, 20 squats, and 20x core circuit. Feeling tired today, which probably implies I need to be getting more than eight hours. I've been fast asleep when my alarm has gone off the last three or so mornings. After two chilly days and windy conditions today I was thankful to be running inside Skog. Started the warm-up at 3:30 with a lot of boys...this meant the track for the workout was crowded for the first time this year. Honestly didn't end up being too much of a problem, especially since I did a longer warm-up (took awhile for the calves to loosen up) of 4 miles in 28:15. By this point, other guys were already half-way done by the time our group got started. Joining me was Turtle, Plumb, and Justin. Turtle's pacing is always spot on, so a very satisfying workout partner. Wish I could say the same for myself...pacing has been off a little recently, and I was doing a bit too much of sitting on people's shoulders today. My apologies! One thing I should note was my stomach felt off while doing active, had me concerned, but thankfully nothing came of this. Things went: 1x1600 (500m jog ~ 2:45), 1x1000 (similar rest), 2x800 (similar rest), & 4x400 (225m jog ~ 1:20). This was the first challenging effort of the indoor track season. K was the hardest rep, with the last 400 requiring some mental focus. Didn't feel too much lactic acid/tired legs, though this did sneak up a little on the final 400. Pacing was decent with 4:52; 3:00; 2:26, 2:24; 70.9, 70.9, 68.4, 68.7. Wish the first two 400s could've been a tad faster, but still a very solid effort. Think I could've focused on relaxation and smoothness more, but still had good turnover. Arms weren't tired (but didn't think about them much, probably implying bad form) and cardio was mediocre. All in all though a solid effort that was tough, but not overly taxing...felt like a workout should. Workout overall was 5.25 miles in 32:30. Also should not that Justin and Plumb informed me how to use the lap function on the Garmin...fantastic stuff! Finished off the day by heading back to the updoors track. Cooled down 4.05 miles in 30:15. Went by pretty quickly, thanks to conversation with Justin, Plumb and Soggy. Calves were very tight during this, hence the slow pace, but eventually got kinda loosened up. Wish I could find some way to fix this, but it might just be the nature of my running form and high mileage. Finished the day with calf raises, toe tappers, rolling, and the Elliot Core Routine. PF7s @ 221.4 miles and NB flats @ 403.5 miles.