The daily log of ekadrofske for Sunday, January 20, 2019

Balaclava Recovery


: 10.70 Mile(s) : 01:17:29 : 00:07:14.48 /mile : Brooks Pure Flow 7 #5 : 0.0

Daily Note

Woke up @9:55am and did 50 push-ups and 20 squats. Ran from Skog @3:40pm when the weather was 6 degrees, 3 mph winds, and mostly sunny. Another chilly day for sure, but more tolerable than yesterday. Can't say I was every warm, but was never painfully cold...though did get uncomfortable the final mile with the sun dipping behind the clouds. Was a very peaceful and serene day. Started off with Schwack and Cian, but they went straight at Guam, so from there on out I was solo. Totally fine with that as it allowed me to settle into an easy recovery pace. That was the number one goal for today...feeling comfortable. After Friday's race and Saturday's moderate effort, (plus WO tomorrow) really wanted to make sure I emphasized recovery. Legs were definitely tired, but didn't feel to bad with the slower pace. The soft surfaces were also much appreciated...was nice to have the snow in this regard. Running on the pavement while coming back didn't feel good, so I made sure to stick to the shoulder. Cardio was never stressed and remained smooth. Another focus was the arms and making sure they stayed relaxed. Ended up trailing Reuben and Kojo by .4 miles or so for the last half of the run (though they pulled away a little). Guess they must have left a tad later than the rest of us. Afterwards, did 4x100m strides. First two were a little slower to warm up the legs, with last two more normal. These felt decent, but upper legs felt it. Then did calf raises, toe tappers, 20x core circuit, rolled, stretched (have been pretty flexible the last couple of days), and upper body lifting. Tonight was chest press, pullovers, lat pulldowns, shoulder press, tri pulldowns, dumbbell curls, torso rotation/side sit-ups, and 10 PUs. Went pretty well. Definitely starting to feel a bit stronger, which is nice...makes the lifting a little more fun, knowing it's actually doing something (something I haven't felt in a long time...~2.5 years). PF7s @ 213.4 miles. First time hitting consecutive 90+ mile weeks. This week definitely felt like a lot less miles than last week. Debating whether I want one more week up around 86-88 or whether next week should be down.