The daily log of Emily Swope for Saturday, February 16, 2019

Workout- Thresh + 200s

Daily Note

2 WU, 15 min thresh to 2.30 (6:31 overall- 6:45, 6:33), 0.5 CD, 3x200 with 200 recovery (34, 37, 36), 0.5 CD. Workout went well! Decided to add some 200s to get in some more speed since Tuesday got messed up. Shin was only a little sore when I did the 200s on Haverford's outdoor track. Will make sure to ice more later. Thresh felt pretty good. I wanted to do a relaxed first mile and faster second mile since I got progressively slower during the thresh last week. I was able to get over 10 seconds faster on the second mile so I was happy with that. Haverford trail felt good for my shin. Congrats to everyone who raced today! It was fun to see so many more people qualify for MACs and get PRs!!!