The daily log of Emily Swope for Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Workout- 400s

Daily Note

2 WU, 6x400 (80, 83, 83, 84, 85, 89), 3.5 CD. Awful workout again today because of my sickness. Started out well but once I started coughing, I couldn't stop. After 6, I just couldn't do any more. Thinking I might have to take off tomorrow since it's been not really getting better. Being healthy for Saturday is more important right now than getting through the whole workout


  • Emily Swope  (1/29/2019 5:48:35 PM) 

    Thank you people <3

  • Kelly Poretti  (1/29/2019 5:05:45 PM) 

    keep doing what's best to have you healthy, especially for your race!

  • Sarah Cardone  (1/29/2019 5:01:03 PM) 

    Keep your head up and you're still gonna kill it saturday :)