The daily log of Duncan Hopkins for Sunday, June 02, 2019



: 13.00 Mile(s) : 01:28:16 : 00:06:47.38 /mile : Hoka Clifton 5 #1 Grey : 0.0

Daily Note

1mi down to Zach & Otis' (and Nick's), 2mi with Zach while we were waiting for Otis to get ready, 9mi with Zach and Otis, 1mi home. Main part of the run was over to Stoner Park where, by god's grace, there was a water fountain. Started to feel a bit gassed on the way back. Had a nice run but was definitely tired from the race yesterday and was less than enthusiastic about Otis' default to 6:40 pace for the bulk of the run, although it was really kind of our collective fault. Besides that, nice to run with the guys. Nice to be out there instead of taking the day off. I might write something different about my training plan each day, but I think I'm just gonna take it day by day from here on out. Once I figure out what I'm doing and where I'm living, I'm gonna figure out what race to train for and take a break prior to that training cycle. As it stands, I'd like to train for the Freshburst 5mi at the end of the month and the Ephrata 4th of July Firecracker the week after that. We'll see how training goes, though.