The daily log of Bradley Brodsky for Saturday, May 25, 2019



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Daily Note

Milage based off of time, might be a bit longer or shorter but whatever. We woke up at 6:50 to run with Coach and Coach Friedland. We just ran around downtown Matoon for a little under six miles at a fair pace. I felt ehh because I raced last night and I was just sluggish. We jogged around and saw some pretty cool sites. Greco fell off early and Coach Friedland turned back at 1.5. We were looking for the long park and we finally found it with about a mile to go for the first part. Coach and I dropped Jonah and Joe off at the Denny's and then we hooped onto the trail behind the hotel. We went out a bit over a mile and then came back again. We talked about finals last year for a bit and predictions for the 3200. When we got back, I stretched in the room then took a shower, rolled out, and ate breakfast. We went back to Dollar General and Greco and I got gallons of water, always the call. Finals was sick. I found a bib yesterday so I didn't have to pay for finals again! Sam won which was sick and Henry finished 12th in shot and 10th in disc. Great careers from both of them, truly amazing. Watched some race too, 3200 was a good one. Went home and napped. Good day, gave me some good motivation for the days to come!

Also, I had a footlong corn dog and a death by chocolate funnel cake, nice


  • Micah Plofsky  (5/26/2019 12:50:51 PM) 

    funnel cake was the call