The daily log of Bradley Brodsky for Friday, May 24, 2019

Ax=blunt (State open race 3200 + Steeple)


: 6.70 Mile(s) : 00:00:00 : : : 0.0

Daily Note

Today was hard. I didn't sleep super well so that sucked. The DFDC hit up a mile shakeout then went to the dollar store and Goodwill. Sam and Henry both got through to shot finals and Henry is sitting 6th in disc right now! Looking good for tomorrow. Watched some of the prelims, but couldn't watch everything. Went back to the hotel and chilled before the open races. We watched tv and changed into what we would race in. Due to not planning to race, I wore my toast tank, compressions, flats, and shades (yeah, I'm sick). We got to the track and got our numbers and I did some Greco yoga. In the mile, Coach ran 4:48, Greco 4L52, Joe 5:02, Micah 5:05. The Ranger had a sick 400 pr without preparing properly (smfh) and it was about then that I went to warm up for my 3200. I ran a little under 2 miles to warm up. it was dark, but cool out. I did continuous on the turf and watched Josh run a solid 2:08, solid. I did barefoot continuous and the got on my flats. I did some strides and then got ready to run. My seeds got messed up so I was 24th seed, nice. Brett Haffner was planning on pacing a group of us for ~9:30. I was planning on hopping on and dying HARD. Race got out and some survs took it out WAY too hot. I locked i Behind Brett and turned my mind off for mile 1. I was feeling the general lack of fitness a bit, but more than that, I was feeling the lack of a sharp mental ax. We came through in 4:47 and brett's hamstrings were not firing so he dropped back. i got on the back of two DGN kids but fell off slightly after a bit. Mile 2 was hard as hell and it did not really go my way but oh well. Finished with a second fastest time ever of 9:57, oof. I had less than 5 minutes before the steeple. had to sneak into the fast heat because of seed issues but I got in. Took the race out and died at the first hurdle. I took this race as kinda chill with Haffner and we had a good time. Finished with a 3:20 and hyped up the crowd when I went over the barrier. I also hit a nasty dab because that's vat's cool these days. Brett and I cooled down barefoot on the turf for a bit over a mile then got shakeups. I copped a strawberry and we watched the heats of the steeple. Highlight was some kid pulling his pants down, that was absolutely hilarious. It wasn't;t funny when the official shot off the gun next to my ear, m though. He did it in the last heat and a lot of people including Jude and Powen in their short shorts and doing a 3-legged race. When we got back to the hotel, The DFDC Coach hit up the nicest Denny's ever. Jonah manned up and got the steak. Spect. Got back to the hotel and passed out. Good day, tomorrow will be good as well!