The daily log of Bradley Brodsky for Thursday, May 23, 2019



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Daily Note

Well I was pretty much just chillin today, not planning on running but we got it done. Took the bus down to state with Coach B, Coach B, Greco, Joe, Jonah, Thomas Brubaker, and Ian V. Bus ride was chill, nothing too big to note. When we got to the hotel, I got some RPR for my hammies and then went to go run with Joe, Jonah, and Greco. We ran three mile Steak n' Shake from the hotel. I felt pretty good for a bit so I sped up, but I got back with the group. We got in a good stretch then hit up Steak n' Shake for some dinner. I also decided to do the 3200 on a whim so that should be fun. Fun night, ready for tomorrow!